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Placement Summary ~ What to Expect



On March 20, 2018 at 6:00 pm, United DFC will host a parent meeting at Woodlawn Library to offer details about placement decision-making that will occur in April 2018 in preparation for the upcoming summer soccer season. The session will include a presentation about the placement process and a question-and-answer session for participants.

Below you will find a quick summary of what will be presented by our Technical Staff. Please note that these details could change slightly as additional Technical Directors are hired, and there may be small adjustments depending on the number of registrations in each age group. Since registrations are still ongoing, we cannot yet confirm the number of teams in each group.

United DFC recognizes that this can be a stressful time for parents and players alike. Rest assured, however, that our new club’s philosophy is to create the best possible environment for all our soccer players, and all placement decisions will be made with this philosophy in mind. Please plan to attend the Parent Placement evening to obtain any additional information you require, and to ask any questions that come to mind. Time-sensitive questions can be sent to Director of Soccer Adam Miller at DoS@UDFC.ca.

Questions and Answers

1. What are the significant dates?
● March 20: Parent placement meeting Woodlawn Library (6:00 pm).

● April 11-23 (to be confirmed): Placement sessions. These dates may shift depending on HRM allocations of turf/grass. The placement session dates will be released on the udfc.ca website and social media as soon as they have been confirmed.

● April 26 (to be confirmed): All team lists will be announced within three days of completion of the placements. This means that our target is April 26, but the date may shift if HRM turf/grass allocations take longer than anticipated.

2. Who attends placements?
● Placements are for all players who plan to play in the prospects stream (u9, u10, u11 & u12) of the club, as well as all players who plan to play performance (u13a, u13aa, u15a, u15aa, u15aaa, u17a & u17aaa).

Exception: u8 prospects DO NOT need to attend placements. For this program, all registrants are automatically accepted.

● If you plan to play community (minis, u10c, u12c, u13b, u15b or 17b) you DO NOT need to attend placements. The goal will be to create teams based on the players’ communities and friend requests for these teams.

3. How many placement sessions will there be, per age, and how long will they be?
● The number of placement sessions will depend on the amount of turf/grass time allotted to the club by HRM. However, each age group can expect a minimum of two placement sessions, each being 90 minutes long.

● If there is sufficient time and turf/grass availability, some of the larger groups may have a third or even a fourth practice to make sure that all decisions are correct.

4. Who will be assessing the players?
● United DFC Technical Staff will be running the placement sessions and assessing the players. Coaches and volunteers will also be on site and will be advised of what to look for during the games. This will ensure no one is missed.

● All team decisions will be made by the Technical Staff using information from their own observations, as well as from coaches and volunteers at the placements.

5. What are the assessors looking for?
● This will be explained in detail at the placement meeting, but it will be in line with usual soccer and placement values.

6. What teams are being established through the placement process?
● This depends on the age and level of the group in question:
o u9, u10 & u11: There are no longer A or B teams. This means the placement sessions will be used to create balanced teams within each age group. Our current plan is to place players with other players of similar ability. This means that players will be on teams of similar ability. Therefore the ‘best’ player will not be on the same team as a weaker player.

All teams (previously A and B) will play in the same ‘league,’ but as separate teams. United DFC is striving to give the best opportunity for growth and enjoyment to all players, and this can only be done by playing at a competitive level.

There WILL be more than one team at each age group. We can have as many teams as we like at these ages. This means we can have 1 team or 10 if we have enough players!

o u12: At u12 there are two levels – our normal Prospects program and our SNS Prospects level. In our normal Prospects program, we can have as many teams as we like (this will depend on registration numbers). The teams will be balanced.

At u12 SNS Prospects, which is equivalent to the current u12a, we are currently limited to one team. This will be a selection of players who are able to compete at this level and still grow and enjoy themselves.

o u13a, u13aa, u15a, u15aa, u15aaa, u17a & u17aaa: At the ‘A’ levels, we are again allowed as many teams as we desire. This means we can have 4 or 5 teams, if we have the correct number of players and players of similar ability.

At ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ we are restricted by SNS rules to just one team. Similar to u12 SNS Prospects above, only players who are able to play this level and still enjoy themselves and grow will be selected for these teams.

Hey United DFC Families. We’re looking for volunteer photographers!

Do you have an eye for action? A finger that is never far from the shutter button? If you’re a camera-happy, soccer-loving member of the United DFC family, then we want to talk to you! United DFC is looking for volunteers to capture the moment at upcoming games, tournaments and special events. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional, we need your help to tell the United DFC story through creative, compelling photography.

Volunteer photographers are needed during the regular season, as well as during pre-season events such as the March 24th “Come Try Soccer” event at Newbridge Academy in Burnside.

You get to decide how much time you are willing to commit. And you get the benefit of a byline to accompany any photos that appear on the United DFC website, in our newsletter, or on our social media feeds. This could be a good development opportunity for an amateur photographer looking to build their portfolio. And it’s a great opportunity to contribute to the momentum and energy of our All4One community.

Interested? Please contact communications@udfc.ca for more information.

Team Placements: Parent Information Meeting

United DFC will be holding a Placement Information Meeting on March 20th at 6:00pm-7:30pm @ Woodlawn Library, 31 Eisener Blvd, Dartmouth.

This meeting is for parents to learn how the placements will work and what we are looking for. Please read this summary for a snapshot of what you can expect.

Hope to see you there!

About United DFC:
Former soccer clubs Cole Harbour, Dartmouth United, DFC and Eastern Passage have merged into our new club.Follow us on Twitter @uniteddfc or Facebook to keep up to date. Email info@udfc.ca with any questions.

Summer Soccer Registration Now Open!

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About United DFC:
Former soccer clubs Cole Harbour, Dartmouth United, DFC and Eastern Passage have merged into our new club. Follow us on Twitter @uniteddfc or Facebook to keep up to date. Email info@udfc.ca with any questions.


United DFC is Hiring Technical Directors!

The new United DFC is at the beginning of an exciting time as the result of
a merger between Dartmouth Football Club, Cole Harbour Soccer Club,
Dartmouth United Soccer Club and Eastern Passage Soccer Club. It will
offer programming from U3 to all levels of Senior soccer.

Working under the Director of Soccer (DoS), the Technical Directors
(TD) will assist in the technical leadership of the club. Two TD
positions will be hired. Both will be full time salaried employees. One
will be a permanent hire, while the second will initially be for a six
month contract with the possibility of extension beyond that.

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About United DFC:
Former soccer clubs Cole Harbour, Dartmouth United, DFC and Eastern Passage have merged into our new club. Follow us on Twitter @uniteddfc or Facebook to keep up to date. Email info@udfc.ca with any questions.

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Player Profiles

United DFC wants to showcase our fantastic players for their love of soccer and for exemplifying the values of our club. More to come!


United DFC is looking for volunteers to help in many areas including coaching, team managing, club events and committee positions. If you are interested in helping build a strong, community driven program for all ages, 3-73 please contact info@udfc.ca.


Send pics to social@udfc.ca.


Introducing our “Merged” Soccer Club at the Mooseheads game!!

With the forthcoming announcement of the “Merged” Club name and logo, we would like to invite all members of each club out to an evening together at a Mooseheads Hockey game on February 16, 2018.

It will be an opportunity to get to know each other as well as a public unified announcement of the new club. You can come meet some of your interim Board members.

T-shirts with the new logo will be provided for all attendees in our group. Seating will most likely be in the lower bowl. If you are interested in attending, please complete the form below and we’ll see you at the game.

Game is Friday, February 16, 2018 at 7 pm at the Scotiabank Centre against Moncton.

Payment for tickets can be e-transferred to rgillis2004@gmail.com with security word Mooseheads.