Payment Policy

Player Registration and payments are subject to United DFC’s Payment and Refund Policies as provided on the United DFC Website.

There is a strict “NO PAY NO PLAY” Policy.  Players must be registered and pay the full fee before attending placement sessions or the first practice or first game.  Player acceptance for any program is not considered complete until full payment is received and any balance from previous seasons is settled with United DFC or with any of the 4 forming clubs.  Exceptions will be made for those applying to Kidsport or JumpStart, however the General Manager must be contacted in advance.

    1. Following Player Placements, players who are placed on a team which is different than what they had originally registered for will have their fees adjusted if the registration fee for that team is different than what they had originally paid.
    1. If an individual knows in advance of registering that they will not be able to attend a complete season due to travel or work or other circumstances and declares such at the time of registration, United DFC does offer an option to pay for only a portion of the season. The portions of the season must be purchased in thirds; meaning an individual must purchase either a ⅓ or ⅔ of a season. Request must be received in writing (mail or email) by the General Manager prior to player assessments. The calculation for determining the reduced fee will be as follows:
      • Reduced Fee for 1/3 of Season = (Placement Fee + $25) + (Full Registration Cost/3)
      • Reduced Fee for 2/3 of Season = (Placement Fee + $25) + (Full Registration Cost x 2/3)
    1. Families applying for KidSport or JumpStart must submit a copy of their application to United DFC at the time of registration. These programs may not cover the full registration fee and families are responsible for paying the balance.
      Please note, that United DFC is not responsible for following up with the respective agencies to determine if the families are approved under the KidSport or JumpStart programs. The families are responsible to ensure they are approved and payment is received by United DFC.
    1. If you are in need of financial assistance and have exhausted all options, please contact United DFC’s General Manger to determine alternate payment options and possible club sponsorship. Proof of a family’s financial status may be requested at that time.
    1. Cheques returned by your financial institution will be subjected to a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Charge per our fees schedule below.
    1. Exceptions to the payment policy may be granted for special circumstances on a case by case basis. Reasonable payment options are available. Please contact the General Manager to discuss. Executive Committee of the Board of Directors approval will be required.

If you would like to make multiple payments for your registration, please fill out this Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form.

Schedule Of Fees
NSF/Cheque Returned $25.00
Administrative $50.00
Placement Fee (previously known as tryout fee) $10.00
Soccer Nova Scotia $17.00
League (for Senior division) $40.00
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