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Coming April 2019

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Powerchair soccer is a modified version of soccer for power wheelchair users. It is the fastest growing sport for power wheelchair users and is played all over the world! This sport is for all ages and combines the skills of the athlete with the speed of the chair to attempt to spin-kick a 13-inch soccer ball into a goal. The Field: Power Soccer Court Each team is allowed 4 players on the court at one time, including the goalkeeper. A match consists of two 20-minute periods.  

-Guard (Provided by the Program)
-Ball (Provided by the Program)
To be eligible to play powerchair soccer the athlete must use an power wheelchair for daily mobility or have access to a powerchair on a regular basis. Participants include persons with quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, hand trauma, stroke, spinal cord injury and other disabilities.
Our program will introduce parasport athletes to powerchair soccer. We will teach basic skills in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. Separate sessions will be held for youth and adults. The program will run once a week, for 10 weeks at the new Dartmouth Sportsplex facility. Gear and equipment will be provided to players.  
Week 0 - Bench Test
Safety is our number one priority! The Bench Test is a mandatory session before the start of the program that determines the skill level of the athlete. In order to participate in the program athletes will be asked to complete a range of movements to check their muscle strength, coordination and how they operate the powerchair. Only participants that are deemed in control and safe with their powerchairs will be allowed to continue on in the program.
Week 1 & 2 – Learning the Game & Ball Control
More Information Coming Soon!
Week 3 & 4 – Passing & Receiving
More Information Coming Soon!
Week 5 & 6 - Shooting & Stopping the Ball
More Information Coming Soon!
Week 7 – Shooting & Passing with Accuracy
More Information Coming Soon!
Week 8 & 9 – Challenging & Team Tactics
More Information Coming Soon!
Week 10 – Tournament Night
More Information Coming Soon!
Registration will begin next week. Check back here for more information.
Program Length: April 1st – May 15th (Every Wednesday) Location: Dartmouth Sportsplex Gym
FOR YOUTH: 5 pm Transition into Guards then 5:30 pm – 7 pm is the Powerchair Soccer Session
FOR ADULTS: 6:30pm Transition into Guards then 7pm-8:30pm is the Powerchair Soccer Session
Cost: $30 per player
We are always looking for helping hands. If you are interested in becoming apart of the Powerchair Soccer Program contact:


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