Skills Centre/Prospects Placements

United DFC’s Prospects Placement Details:

  • Placements (Tryouts) consist of minimum 2 sessions in September/October on Turf (could be inside or outside).
  • Players who have registered for a Prospects program will receive an email invitation to these placement sessions.
  • There will be a team of evaluators who will score players and then players will be placed on teams based on those scores. Every attempt is made to place players at the appropriate level for their development. There may be additional placement sessions if necessary.
  • Following the placement process, players are placed on one of the Prospects teams (prospect level depending on availability of program and age group) or a Community team.
  • Friend requests are not considered at the Prospects level.
  • The difference in fees between the program levels will be returned to players who tried out for one level but were placed at a different level (as per the refund policy).
  • There is a $10 non-refundable Placement Fee for players attending placement sessions for Prospects programs.


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