UDFC U10c Team Lists & Practice Times

NOTE 1. The teams as written below are NOT set in stone. The teams have been created based on community and friend requests with the goal of making sure everyone is comfortable on their team. If this has not happened, email me and I can adjust to make sure they are on a team they want to be on.

NOTE 2. The size of the teams may look reasonably small. This is due to late registrations. In the past we have made teams and then they have become bloated with too many players as we have added late registrations. This year, we will be going smaller earlier, with the hope the late additions get us a to a good number of players.
With this in mind, there may be team adjustments right up until we start on grass on the week of June 3rd. Please bear with us as we try to accommodate all players and their requests.
u10 b
Nathaniel Bouter – Rashford
Evan Steiger – Kane
u10 g
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