Winter Placements Schedule

Placement sessions for U12-17 will be held from September 20-27.   Please review the schedule below on times and locations for your placement sessions. Detailed program information can be found in the Winter Program Summary

20th September @ Burnside (Harbour East Outdoor Turf)

6-7pm – U12 Boys Performance
7-8pm – U15 Girls Performance |
8-9pm – U17 Girls Performance

21st September @ Cole Harbour Outdoor Turf

6-7pm – U12 Boys Performance
7-8pm – U17 Girls Performance
8-9pm – U17 Boys Performance

22nd September @ Cole Harbour Outdoor Turf

10-11am – U12 Girls Performance
11am-12pm – U15 Girls Performance
12-1pm – U17 Boys Performance

23rd September @ Cole Harbour Outdoor Turf

9-10am – U12 Girls Performance
10-11am – U15 Girls Performance
11am-12pm  – U17 Girls Performance
12-1pm – U17 Boys Performance

25th September @Burnside (Harbour East Outdoor Turf)

6-7pm – U13 Girls Performance
7-8PM – U13 Boys Performance
8-9pm – U15 Boys Performance

26th September @ Cole Harbour Outdoor Turf

6-7pm – U13 Boys Performance
7-8pm – U13 Girls Performance
8-9pm – U15 Boys Performance

27th September @ Burnside (Harbour East OutdoorTurf)

6-7pm – U13 Girls Performance
7-8pm – U13 Boys Performance
8-9pm – U15 Boys Performance

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